Revolutionary technology
for your soft story earthquake retrofittingĀ needs

Reduced Installation Cost

Our earthquake resisting column (ERC) system is space-saving, easier to install, and less expensive than steel "moment frames." It eliminates onsite welding and associated fire hazards, and greatly reduces expensive special inspections required for steel frames. While other bracing methods often require relocating electrical panels of gas meters, ERCs give you greater flexibility at lower cost.

Post-earthquake recovery

We designed our system with components that you can replace easily after an earthquake. Other systems may need to be replaced entirely, including the foundation. You can replace our patented "structural fuses" by removing three bolts; frames with replaceable elements manufactured by our next competitor require removing 40 or more bolts. While earthquakes are unpredictable and may still overload our system, you are virtually guaranteed that the initial installation is simpler than other systems.